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Anion technology used on MECALOR DRYER
Date: 2012-7-10  Hits: 2056  

 Most of Mecalor dryers are equiped with anion generator,it reduce the harm to dog's coat during drying.

How does ionic technology work?
Utilising an ionic generator, millions of negatively charged molecules (anions) are invisibly dispursed within the dryers' airstream. Water molecules, present within the hair (coat), have an inherent positive charge which attract the anions causing disruption within their molecular structure. The end result is that water molecules are broken down for more effective absorbtion and hydration of the hair.

Is ionic technology harmful?
There is no scientific evidence to suggest that ionic technology is harmful. Infact, it is used in a multitude of different product applications to provide positive health benefits.

Can ionic technology benefit all breeds?
In theory, ionic conditioning can benefit all hair types. However, visible evidence may prove difficult to observe with short-haired breeds. Those with longer hair, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or Afghan Hound, should display better results including a noticeable reduction in harmful static build up.

What scientific evidence exists to support ionic technology?
Although scientists remain sceptical, professional stylist's using ionic appliances have independently reported a marked improvement in the condition of their clients' hair.
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